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Dear Friends,     

Let me begin by thanking you once again for the opportunity to be your voice in the House of Assembly. It has truly been an honor to represent you for the past 8 years and it is a responsibility which I have taken very seriously.                                                                                                         

Just prior to Christmas I wrote you and solicited your feedback as to the direction you wished for me to take in relation to the upcoming provincial election. As you know, for the past 3 years I have been sitting an an independent member of the House of Assembly. This removal from the government caucus resulted from me listening to my constituents and speaking out against an extremely harsh budget and saw the creation of or increase to over 300 taxes and fees, including the infamous deficit reduction levy.

After much deliberation, I have decided I will indeed seek re-election as an Independent. More than ever in our province, I believe we need to have a strong, non-partisan voice in the legislature, an individual who will speak for the people and not be restricted to toeing the party line. I believe that I have been able to provide this unbiased perspective for the past three years on many matters of importance to our district and to our province as a whole. With your continued support, I commit to continuing to be the voice of the everyday hard working citizen and my agenda will be your agenda.                                                                                                                              

Now I realize that there are going to be those among us who have always voted for a particular party either due to a perception of the party's "core values" or simply out of family tradition. For those that have traditionally voted a certain way, I challenge you to put party colors aside for a moment and give consideration to the candidate. Ask yourself who has the ability, the experience and has demonstrated a true commitment to our community? Consider who you feel will best represent your views and will side with you, the taxpayer when the chips are down.                                              

This time around, I'm asking that we break the old tradition of going from blue to red and red to blue. Let's send a message to the party leaders and to those controlling their agenda behind the scenes, that we are tired of the status quo. Let's let them know that we are tired of placing the interests of a select few above the majority of hard working citizens who struggle to support their families.

I respectfully ask for your continued support to be your voice in the House of Assembly. Your priorities are my priorities and I will always have your back.


Voice in the Community

Proven Leadership and Experience


♦ Current member of the Kinsmen Club of Mount Pearl 

♦ Chair of St. Peter’s Elementary School Council 

♦ Secretary of the Ross King Memorial Library Board of Directors 

♦ Chair of the Board of Directors of the Kenmount Park Community Center 

♦ Founder and Chair of the Masonic Park Garden of Friendship Foundation 

♦ Member of the Frosty Festival Board of Directors 

♦ Member of the Mount Pearl Lions Club 

♦ Chair of the Mount Pearl Lions Club Santa Claus Parade 

♦ Chair of the Mount Pearl City Days celebrations 

♦ Organizer of the Mount Pearl Terry Fox Run 

and long-term care 

♦ Volunteer with the Mount Pearl Sport Alliance 

♦ Former Mount Pearl Citizen of the Year 

♦ Annual volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Campaign, Royal Canadian Legion’s Poppy Campaign, Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign, as well as organizer and participant in community food drives and door-to-door collection for various charities 

Two for One - A Great Deal for Our District


The hard work and dedication of my Constituency Assistant, Lucy Stoyles, has been a significant factor in the great success our office has had in solving issues for citizens within our district over the past four years. Lucy brings with her a vast array of knowledge and experience which she has acquired through her many years of serving the citizens of Mount Pearl in the role of City Councilor. In that role she has chaired every commitee of Council and has represented the City on many external boards, agencies and municipal entities. From a volunteer perspective, Lucy has been a pillar of our community and has touched so many lives over the years with her dedication, compassion and understanding. Like all volunteers, she continues to give freely of her time and talents with no expectation of reward or recognition. 

She has received many accolades over the years including but not limited to: Mount Pearl Citizen of the Year, VOCM Volunteer of the Year, YWCA Women of Distinction Award winner, Queen Elizabeth II 125th Anniversary medal recipient, Mount Pearl Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Norm Car – Commitment to the Community Award’ winner, Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal recipient, and most recently, was inducted into the Duke of Edinburgh’s Volunteer Hall of Fame. I feel so fortunate to have Lucy as a key member of my team and am very pleased to say that if re- elected, she will continue her role as my Constituency Assistant for the next term of office. With your continued support, you don’t just get one experienced representive with proven commitment to our community, you get two.

Proven Commitment to the Community


♦ MHA for the District of Mount Pearl - Southlands for the past eight years

♦ Served eight year's on Mount Pearl City Council in the role of Councillor and Deputy Mayor

♦ Served on all committees of Council including: Community Services, Planning and Development, Finance, Engineering and Economic Development 

♦ Mount Pearl’s representative on the Northeast Avalon Joint Councils 

♦ Mount Pearl’s representative on the Regional Fire Services Committee  

♦ Mount Pearl’s representative on Regional Water and Wastewater Treatment Committee 

♦ Mount Pearl’s representative on the Regional Economic Development Board 


Advocating for You

- Affordable electricity rates 

- Healthcare, including mental health and addictions  

- Seniors issues, including homecare, personal care and long-term care  

- Affordable and accessible childcare  

- School busing (1.6 kilometer rule)  

- Educational support for students with special needs 

- Affordable housing, including support for co-op housing 

- Access and inclusion for persons with disabilities 

- Ensuring Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are the primary beneficiaries of our natural resources

- Democratic reform  

- Controlling government spending and managing our provincial debt 


"I've known Paul for many year's and he is a man of great integrity, honesty, and a very hard-working individual.

Paul is a very well known person in Mount Pearl - Southlands, he has a great rapport with his constituents and is always ready to help.

Paul has always been involved in fundraisers for different charities such as the Janeway, food bank and many others.

A vote for Paul is a vote for the truth."

- Herb Jenkins

Long time resident, community volunteer and member of the Mount Pearl Soccer and Sports Hall of Fame

"I have been involved in the community as a volunteer for 60 years and in that time I have also been active in politics.

During that time , I can honestly say that I have never seen an MHA who was more active and engaged in their district.

I am honoured to support Paul Lane."

- Barb Howlett

City of St. John's Senior of the Year

"We have been residents of Mount Pearl for the past 45 years and in that time we have seen many politicians come and go.

We have been extremely impressed with the level of dedication that Paul brings to his role as MHA.

Wherever you go in this community Paul is there! He supports everything that is on the go!"

- Geri and Eric Beckett

Long time residents and community volunteers

"I have known Paul Lane for the past 20 years politically, personally, and socially.

Paul has always been straight forward, honest and a man of his word. He has demonstrated a true interest and love in the community, especially to his constituents.

I have found Paul to be a hard worker and he will always do his utmost to help anyone who requests his assistance - whether you are his constituents or not."

- Jim Greenland

Former Mount Pearl Citizen of the Year

Dispelling the Myths

“An Independent Member won't have a voice in the House of Assembly.” 

As an Independent Member, I am able to participate in all debate, present petitions and speak to all legislation. As a matter of fact, as I don't have to share my speaking time with other caucus Members, I have actually spoken more in the House of Assembly over the past three years than any other Member, including the Premier and the Leader of the Official Opposition. 

“You need a Member on the government side to get essential services for your District.” 

In the case of our district, we are not facing issues of population decline that would compromise our programs and services. We don't have to be concerned about schools shutting down, clinics closing or other services discontinuing. In our case, it is our municipal governments that are responsible for funding the infrastructure required to provide services such as snow clearing, fire protection, and other related services. We do receive our proportionate share of multi-year capital infrastructure funding but other than that we pay our own way and are not dependent on provincial subsidies for core municipal services. Therefore, any suggestion that we need someone on the government side to protect what we have or provide what we need is totally false.

“Independent Members can't get anything done for their constituents.” 

Nothing could be further from the truth. I have been sitting as an Independent Member for the past three years, and in that time have assisted a countless number of constituents on any number of issues and concerns. I feel very confident in saying that my record speaks for itself!